About the GROUP

Proud to be Indian, Privileged to be Global.

Ever since the great visionary and industrialist doyen Mr. L. N. Jhunjhunwala sowed the seeds in a textile mill at Bhilwara in Rajasthan in 1961, the LNJ Bhilwara Group has borne rich fruits to emerge as one of India’s leading corporate giants.

Moulding traditional values with a far-sighted commitment, this mega conglomerate has diversified its activities from the segment of Textiles to Graphite Electrodes, captive Power Stations and IT services to achieve overwhelming success on all fronts.

The hallmarks of this success are the listings on the Stock Exchange, five companies of LNJ Bhilwara Group, whose worth is estimated to be over $1200 million and above all the immense trust of 100,000 shareholders and confidence of international collaborators.

The bold stance in venturing from core business of textile yarn into wide range of fabric, knitwear and denim depicts this remarkable saga.

The success of strategic diversification of products and services reflects how LNJ Bhilwara Group has created a novel and dynamic milestone in India’s industrial scenario.

Indeed, all these achievements are in tune with its motto : Proud to be Indian, Privileged to be Global.

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Its 4 major textile companies with 12 units located in 3 states, which export 50% of their products to nearly 78 destinations worldwide, have bagged top National Export Awards and multiple commendations for several years at a stretch.

    • BMD Pvt. Ltd.
    • RSWM Limited
    • Maral Overseas Ltd.
    • BSL Ltd.
    • HEG Ltd.
    • BMD Power Private Limited
    • Bhilwara Energy Ltd.
    • Malana Power Company Ltd.
    • AD Hydro Power Ltd.
    • NJC Hydro Power Ltd.
    • Indo Canadian Consultancy Services Ltd.
    • Chango Yangthang Hydro Power Ltd.
    • Bhilwara Green Energy Ltd.
    • LNJ Power Ventures Ltd.
    • Bhilwara Infotechnology Ltd.
    • Corporate Office
      • Noida (NCR-Delhi)
    • Mumbai
    • Kolkata
    • Bengaluru
    • New Delhi
    • Ludhiana
    • Bhilwara
    • Ichalkaranji
    • Indore
    • Kanpur
    • Tirupur
    • Ahmedabad